GCCOM Construction Company, Inc. (GCCOM) was founded to target work in the New York/New Jersey Area Heavy Construction Market, in both the public and private sectors. The Owners have a combined 60+ years of experience and have successfully completed many complex, multi-million dollar projects.
The owners are civil engineers who worked their way up through the ranks, union laborer, office engineer, field engineer, project engineer, superintendent, project manager, and vice president. The vast majority of this time was spent working for large area contractors.

As evidenced by the project reference sheets, they have been instrumental in the construction of many large-scale high-profile projects in both the public and private sectors, having been involved in all of the aspects required for the successful execution of these projects including: estimating, scheduling, field supervision and management of field forces, development of engineering solutions for complex operations, identification and collection of field measurements, coordination of detailing and material fabrication, development of rigging and erection methods for specialized lifts, safety management, and quality control monitoring; all from project inception to close-out.

Over these years and through their personal reputations, they have forged lasting associations with many of the agencies, authorities, and owners responsible for generating the projects in their market sector. They have also developed strong relationships with some of the top project managers, superintendents, engineers, foremen and journeymen that are currently in the industry.

GCCOM has the intellectual and labor resources necessary for working in the New York/New Jersey Heavy Construction Market. With their combined abilities to manage and construct demanding projects, GCCOM is prepared to serve your Structural Steel, Concrete, Precast and Marine construction needs in the Heavy Highway, Bridge, Tunnel and Industrial markets. GCCOM is also committed to partnering with other organizations whose talents and abilities complement their own.

Looking Forward

The value and complexity of the projects being let is growing. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, local knowledge, and ability to handle the most complicated projects.

We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship. Please contact us for additional information.


GCCOM Construction Company, Inc.


To provide unparalleled construction services based on sound engineering, integrity, and professionalism. To maintain project schedules and cost controls. To follow the principles that have made us successful.

Estimate based on experience.

Enhance based on proven engineering principles.

Execute with capable professionals to an aggressive schedule.

To foster an atmosphere where our employees can continue to grow through challenging and rewarding projects.

To maintain a sense of corporate family, providing for the well being of our employees and their families, which will translate into superior service for our clients.